About fortitude front

Fortitude Front is a leadership training company, which specialises in Mental Resilience.

The owner and CEO Darren Hardy was developed as a leader during his 15 years’ Service in the British Army, where from joining as a Soldier in 2003, Darren stood out as a natural leader.

As an athlete he became a Physical Training Instructor and it was from here he was selected to go through Officer training at the prestigious Royal Military Academy Sandhurst. On completion of the 44 week arduous leadership course, Darren received the Queen's Commission and, as an Officer, took his troops all over the world, developing himself and others in a leadership capacity - often in life threatening and extremely testing environments. 

At the age of 31 Darren's career was brought to an end through suffering physical and mental injuries during the Iraq war. 

On the road to recovery Darren had to focus on becoming mentally resilient to match his physical prowess and it is the fusion of the two (mental and physical) that sets Darren's leadership apart – he went on to become a Gold Medallist and record breaker representing Team UK in the Warrior Games 2018 in the 100m and 200m sprint.

As Darren was focusing on his own recovery he was troubled to learn of the 71 Veteran suicides in 2018. Although Darren recovered successfully, the system was failing so many. Why were so many being failed? Where was the system letting people down? Darren's research identified that where this challenge was faced by the British Military, there was a greater, shared challenge for corporate industries.

Darren created Fortitude Front to fill these gaps.

His desire to change lives in all industries came from his own personal experiences overcoming physical and mental injuries through multiple coping strategies. Darren is a widely celebrated expert in Post-Traumatic Growth (PTG). 

Focusing on strength instead of weakness is the fundamental of recovery. However, for people who have experienced trauma (physical and/or mental), there is a tendency to view themselves as inherently weak. 

Re-aligning the view of trauma as an injury, shifts the perspective away from ‘sickness’ to ‘impact’ and moves the conversation away from “what is wrong with you” to “what has happened to you”.

Mission Statement: To CHANGE negative organisational cultures surrounding mental health and INSPIRE others to speak out by DEVELOPING leaders and communication strategy with partners in industry.

A percentage of all earnings from Fortitude Front will go to Fortitude Front +. A charity, in the early stages of development, which will focus on the mental wellbeing of Fijian, British Military Veterans - often forgotten and unsung heroes.



Soldier, British Army

"Darren was responsible for 15 soldiers and officers during deployment. We received a T1 (life threatening) Trauma Casualty six-weeks in. No comms were received. Darren immediately tasked off four soldiers and a doctor to commence treatment. Communication was clear and concise from Darren. Eight more casualties then turned up, upon which Darren declared a MASCAL.

Concurrent to treatment being delivered, Darren then started to organise a helicopter landing zone and was speaking to Brigade HQ via the net. His communication was concrete, clear, and concise. Throughout all of this, he had to ensure that no patient identifiable information was passed up through the net to ensure that clinical information was not being exposed. 

Whilst waiting for the air frame to land, Darren instructed the medical team to gather their PPE needed to approach the landing zone. Orders were direct and to the point. After our patient began the MEDEVAC process, Darren then tasked off the troops to the remaining soldiers that had already been triaged, where we began treatment for their injuries too.

The patient had a 50/50 chance of survival. Following the news of the casualties update, Darren pulled me to one side to speak to me regarding the treatment. This was my first deployment and the first ever trauma patient that I had treated. As a commander, he spoke to me and reassured me that the treatment we had provided was sufficient. During this time, he was courteous and spoke with compassion. After this conversation, I was able to understand that we did the best we could for the patient, giving that we had limited resources in the deployed environment available. Darren’s communication throughout this event is what we should all strive to achieve during complex times. The casualty survived."

Yasmin Thorn Davis (Ops Manager), Learning To Work

"Darren came to our three day 'Work Ready Conference' at Windsor Girls and made an impactful contribution to the Q&A panel sharing his insight into the importance of resilience, keeping well mentally and overcoming adversity; turning this into an opportunity to make a difference. Darren not only inspired the students but also fellow panellists who immediately reached out for his services."

Trevor Trent, Skanska

"Darren is a passionate Leader who will always endeavour to motivate the team by his example. He is always optimistic and pursues all challenges with solution orientated attitude. Whenever we ran into major issues or high pressure situations he would look at the options and pursue the best case until all options were completely exhausted. No problem is unsolvable and he frequently managed to find prompt solutions where others said it would take weeks to obtain. Darren’s communication with stakeholders and third parties was always inspiring, as he was always able to persuade them to negotiate with us and achieve results that were beneficial to all parties involved. "